The Mistake Gone Right (still in progress of writing this)

The Mistake Gone Right

Blurb-   Annie never takes the plunge and does something risky but when a night out with girls leads her to meet a bad boy, her whole life changes after just one night of fun.  

 Audience Target- It seems on my graphs on wattpad my readers are usually women ages 18-45, so I guess adult audience on this book.

Sample pages- 



"C'mon Annie just come out with us" said her friend Cara, Annie sighs, "I have studying to do", Cara rolls her eyes "Annie Mitchell you are coming out with me and Heather tonight,you need it I mean we are in College and you barely come out with us, you need some fun" said Cara,"I don't even have anything to wear to a club" said Annie,Cara grabs her hand and drags her to her room, "well I have a ton of stuff you can wear".

An hour later after Cara has done Annie's make up, hair and gave her a dress to wear, she puts Annie in front of a mirror, "oh my god" said Annie looking at the Red open back mini dress she is wearing that just comes under her butt with matching red heels, the winged cat eyeliner and red lipstick on her full lips, her hair down in perfect waves, "you look hot" said Cara "the dress is shorter than anything I would ever wear but I guess I look good" said Annie with a shrug, Cara throws a black leather moto coat at her and her wristlet.

They head to the club, "let's do shots" said Heather, "shots" said Annie looking at her friends, "what did you think you weren't gonna drink" said Cara as Heather orders shots, "listen loosen up and you will have a blast" said Cara, Annie takes the shot of tequila feeling the burn, it's not that she has never drank, just she doesn't do it often and it probably won't take much to get her tipsy, they drink cocktails and take a few shots and end up on the dance floor, Annie is feeling pretty good and dancing sexily with her friends.

Ryder Pov
"Why are we trying this place again" asks Ryder "because we always party at the same place" said his best friend Hunter, "yeah a change of scenery and women" said his other best friend Jackson.

They walk up to the bar and have a few beers as they scope out the girls, Hunter eventually walks off with some girl followed by Jackson, Ryder stays behind to have another beer and is still checking out girls, why am I getting so picky lately, the guys were right to come to this club because I really am sick of half the women that hang around us, a change is needed but even though a lot of these woman are hot, I have yet to see one that just stands out to me from the rest.

He has a shot and continues to drink his beer then finally he spots her, gorgeous long wavy red hair, beautiful face, nice full lips and that curvy body and a red dress that shows those curves off perfectly and heels that show off a really nice set of legs, "seriously hot, I want that one" he says to himself as he walks through crowds of people.

Ryder gets to her and slides a hand to her hip as she dances, he dances against her as she leans into him and dances with him, her friends look at him shocked then they continue to dance with two guys that came up to them.

"What's your name beautiful" Ryder asks her in her ear, "Annie" she says as she continues to dance against him, his hands still on her hips, "what's your name" she asks, he grins because finally a girl who doesn't know anything about him or who he is, he spins her around and keeps her close, "Ryder" he says as they dance.

Annie Pov
I'm feeling really good right now from drinking and I've been dancing for a while and then I suddenly feel hands on my hips, he pulls me close and I dance with him, he asks my name after a few minutes of dancing, I tell him my name and he spins me around when I ask his.

I look up at a hot guy with a lot of tattoos with bright blue eyes not my normal taste but this guy is really hot, broad shoulders, tall, dark hair, a grin that just makes me weak at the knees and the way he looks at me like I'm the most gorgeous girl he's ever seen not to mention the way he dances, his hands on me, he keeps me close to him as we dance, I am being more bold tonight compared to how I am normally, sliding down his body, grinding into him.

Ryder's hands slide down her hips to her ass as they dance, "you are so sexy, your torturing me dancing with me like this" she continues to dance with him,she feels his calloused hands on her back, she never thought that calloused hands could feel so good but they do.

Finally he tips her chin up looking at her full lips, he grins making her wait in anticipation for that kiss that he knows she wants badly, he kisses up her neck to her jawline then the corner of her mouth and finally kisses her lips softly then deepens the kiss sliding his tongue in her mouth, they kiss for a while on the dance floor.

After a while they sit down on one of the couches, he pulls her in his lap as they talk then that leads to more kissing and her straddling him on a couch in a club, something she thought she would never do but somehow with him its exciting, her heart racing, the pleasure she feels just from kissing him.

"You really are trying to kill me" said Ryder, she grins, "maybe" he grins, "you wanna stay with me tonight" he asks her,"maybe" said Annie.

Chapter 1
She opens her eyes the next morning and she isn't in her bed, she's in someone else's bed in someone else's house, what the hell happened last night, she feels his arm around her waist, she remembers dancing with a guy that had tattoos, oh god I went home with a guy I didn't know, she looks under the sheets like she would be dressed which oblivously she isn't, she is naked, he is naked, she looks at his hand, a silver wedding band is on his finger, oh my god, I slept with a married man, oh god what the fuck did I do, she rubs her eyes then looks at her own hand there is a wedding band, a silver one just like his, oh god, oh my god what did I do !!

She gets up slowly not to wake him, she puts her clothes on and her shoes, grabbing her stuff quietly she leaves the room and into a very quiet small living room with a kitchen attached, not much different from hers and Cara's apartment, she leaves quietly and calls for a cab to get home.

Annie unlocks her door and sees Cara making herself coffee, Cara looks at her, "so how was your night it had to be good seening you never came home" she says looking at Annie, Annie bursts into tears and is panicking, "oh my god Annie, what happened, what did that biker boy cretin do to you" Cara takes her hand and sits her down, "I'm not sure exactly what happened I remember dancing with him and kissing him then it gets blurry but I oblivously went home with him and we had sex but I woke up and I saw a wedding band on his hand and I freaked out, I thought I had slept with a married man", "you thought you did so Ryder isn't married" "he is now" Annie shows her the wedding band on her finger, "oh my god, you married him", Annie covers her face, "what am I going to do, I have to get it annulled it was a drunken mistake, I don't even remember it, I don't even know if he does, why would I marry him" said Annie.

"I don't know he is gorgeous, defnetily a bad boy and president of the Reapers Motorcycle Club, you guys talked all night at the club among the kissing so maybe you guys have stuff in common and somehow it just happened", "so not only did I get drunk and get married to a man I don't know but I also married an outlaw, my parents ever found out about this, I would be dead or forced to move back home" "Annie, your parents won't find out, we can fix this before they do, I promise, let's just get ready for classes before we're late" she says to her.

Annie takes a shower and gets dressed they head off to the UCLA where they go to college, she sits in all her classes barely being able to concentrate after a long day of school and her classes being over before Cara's, she decides to go to a coffee shop called Common Grounds to study.

Annie goes into the Coffee shop and orders her coffee then sits in a booth and takes her laptop out as she works, someone suddenly sits across from her and she looks up to see Ryder looking at her, he just looks at her, she closes her laptop, "how did you know I was here" she asks him, he grins and leans back in the booth, "followed you" he says to her, "you followed me here" he nods, "what I wanna know is why my wife left me early this morning in such a hurry" said Ryder with a wink "you remember" said Annie.

Ryder leans forward, "you don't"
"I remember dancing with you and kissing you but after that it gets a little blurry" "well let me fill you in", "after we left the club we went to some diner for coffee then we got to talking you told me about your family and how you came her to LA to escape them because they are apparently strict, judgemental people that have a lot of money and they are always trying to set you up with these rich preppy boys who you hate and they do it every time you go home, even tried to get you back with your ex-boyfriend Stephen, who was also a douche from what I gathered, you asked me about my life I told you my father is dead, I am a president of the biker club The Reapers, I also told you my mom is always trying to set me up and she wants me to get married so badly, you also told me your parents want you to marry after college which you said was this year, we got to joking around about getting married and then we decided it was a brilliant idea that we had enough in common, so we got married, we went back to my place and had the best sex I have ever had, really really hot sex" he says to her with a grin.

she blushes, "so we both agreed to getting married, you knew I was drunk and you still thought it was okay to go through with it", "you weren't drunk really maybe buzzed at that point but we had eaten and had coffee, you were coherent enough apparently not enough to remember marrying me or having sex with me but I have no problem with refreshing your memory on the sex part" said Ryder, he looks at her hand to see her wedding band isn't on, "where's your ring" he asks her, "in my purse" "why" asks Ryder, "because we aren't staying married, we can't I mean we barely know each other" said Annie, "well I hate to break it to you trying to get it anulled right now won't happen they will tell you we need to be legally seperated first", "okay so" she says, "well I don't want to do either by the way you also told me, your parents are big on marriage and staying together, so I don't think they would be too pleased if you got divorced"
"well they wouldn't be pleased that I got drunk and married a guy I just met at a club"
"and I'm sure they wouldn't approve of me anyway being an outlaw and all my tattoos, why not rebel bet you never have before other than maybe last night" said Ryder.

Annie glares at him "I don't think you know me well enough to make that assumption" she says as she gets up, "where are you going" asks Ryder, "home", Ryder follows behind her "don't you think you should be moving into my place" he asks her grabbing her hand and reaches into her purse finding the wedding band and slides it back on her finger looking into her eyes with a grin just as someone walks into the coffee shop, Annie looks over.

"Great way today just will never end" she says to herself  "what" "Stephen my ex, just walked in here probably looking for me, I work here, I'm off today, just came for coffee but he comes here to look for me sometimes", "why" he asks, "because he wants to get back together for like all the wrong reasons mainly because his parents will approve compared to the normal sluts he is with in college" said Annie.

Stephen looks over at her, Ryder grins and turns her around his hand behind her neck and kisses her hard, his hands on her face then her hair, Stephen looks at them jealous and pissed off.

Ryder grins at Stephen, Stephen goes over to them, "guess you don't wanna get back together" said Stephen, "I never did you know that" said Annie "yeah well I figured you would have better taste than to be with a guy like him not to mention a married guy" "actually maybe she doesn't want a school boy and wants a real man, by the way I'm her husband so I really think you need to back off my wife, it would be greatly appreciated" said Ryder stepping in front of Annie, "yeah if she is married to you where's her ring asshole" Ryder grins and grabs her left hand and shows her wedding band on her finger, Stephen grins, "I'm sure your parents would approve" he says and walks off.

Annie looks at Ryder then shakes her head and walks out of the coffee shop to her car, Ryder following behind her and catches up to her then grabs her wrist, she turns around and yanks her wrist back, "thanks now my parents are going to know about this by tonight, you really are an idiot" said Annie madly "well good now you can't hide it maybe this will help you even more so to be your own person" said Ryder.

Annie glares at him, "I am my own person, I moved to LA to be my own person to find my own way but that way didn't involve getting drunk and married to someone who I don't know"
"you weren't drunk, you might have been buzzed enough not to remember too much but you wanted to marry me just as much as I wanted to marry you" said Ryder, "you wanted to marry me because you were drunk and you didn't know what you were doing" "Annie, I wasn't even close to drunk maybe a little buzzed but I remember everything from last night and I wanted to marry you" he says, Annie sighs, "I can prove I would be a better husband than that fucking douche in that coffee shop could ever be" he says to her.

She hears a bike coming down the street and then whoever is on it parks near the curb and takes his helmet off, "Ryder, you done here, we have stuff to take care of" said the guy, Annie looks at him, he was equally as good looking to Ryder, well in her opinion Ryder was hotter but this guy was still good looking also with bright blue eyes and light brown hair, "yeah I'm ready, I have to go I will see you soon" he says quietly then kisses her cheek, "remember what I said, I'm better man then that yuppie in that coffee shop, you'll see" then he kisses her forehead and walks off.

She watches him leave and sighs, she gets into her car and heads home needing to talk to Cara.


Inspiration- I didn't have a specific thing that really inspired the story, it was a thought that was playing in my head and I had to write it.

Status- Right now it is incomplete, there is 6 chapters, the link above will bring you to the story and what I have so far feel free to give feed back or vote on wattpad or even give feed back here, just please be nice constructive critism, I am working really hard on this story. I update pretty quickly on wattpad..


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