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The Minotaur: Death by String

Here's my first draft of the Minotaur storytelling sequence. I know storyboards don't have to be super detailed, but dunno if it's too messy. Also, not sure the proper name for some shots, but I hope things are clear even without my little extra descriptions.

High, bright establishing shot:

Shot of the Labyrinth from above - Might change this, as making something look like a Labyrinth from outside, without an open roof is something I couldn't quite get yet.

Interior establishing shot:

The seven kids getting trapped within as the dungeon door closes on them. Into the darkness.

The kids cower, but Theseus steps in to comfort them. He has a secret weapon.

Detail, low angle shot:

Show Theseus's 'secret weapon', a ball of golden yarn. Theseus looks powerful in this shot.

Contrasting high angle shot:

We hear a deep, echoing ROAR. Take away Theseus's power.

Detail interaction shot:

Close in on Theseus giving one of the other youths the ball end of the gold yarn. Important detail for later.

Framed shot:

Show Theseus moving away from the group and deeper into the labyrinth.

Reverse shot:

Show how the gold yarn is being pulled, as well as showing Theseus going further in.

Theseus continues exploring. We get some environmental detail showing the danger involved.

Closeup, bright shot.

We see Theseus's heroic determination as he continues on, which changes very quickly as we pull back to...

Trucked out, dark shot:

Our first shot of the Minotaur. It's gigantic, and easily overshadows Theseus.

And Theseus runs, as we see the Minotaur pull back.

Fast Scene-change,  Implied action shot:

We see the gold yarn ball from the point of view of the other youths, as it pulls taut.

Followup action shot:

Theseus gets slammed into a pile of skulls.

Point of View shot:

We see the Minotaur from Theseus's point of view, it comes closer.

Detail shot:

We close-in on the gold yarn wrapped near the Minotaur's throat.

Action shot:

Theseus runs under the Minotaur's arm, tightening the gold yarn against the Minotaur's throat.

Action shot:

Theseus pulls on the gold yarn on his end, the Minotaur screams in resistance.

Jump cut shot:

We cut to the other youths, who are now pulling the gold yarn as hard as they can from their end.

Detail shot:

We see the Minotaur's knees hit the ground. Okay, they don't look like minotaur knees. First Draft!

Low-angle victory shot:

Theseus sits over the Minotaur, the gold yarn no longer tight, and a smile on his face.


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