The Millenial Providence

The Millenial Providence is a collection of new ideas for the rash of crises that malign our society now and will in the coming decades. From a financial infastructure predicated on extreme inequality, to a culture of consumption that threatens to swallow the environment that sustains it, to an antiquated education system that leaves millions alienated and dumb to the world around them, the nation and the world face a century more bleak than those in power could ever fully articulate to the public.

The Millenial generation, a cohort that inlcudles anybody born between the years 1980 and 2000, finds itself caught in a nexus of problems engineered by men and women of another era. Providence has compelled us to be the light that shines forward through our darkening times; the choice to remain passive is not a luxury that destiny has afforded today's youth. We have been summoned to be revolutionary not by ideology, but circumstance.

Millenials must understand the breadth of problems that we are confronting and have the courage to resolute them on our own terms. We can hardly be helped by those who came before. We will be our own heroes of of our own times, and in the process, leave behind a new, better world for generations that are to come.


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