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Denzel Seals

Founder of The Divines Co.



The Milky Way Collection: Native One

The Divines Co. 

To be divine is to be a deity; to go beyond your own self and far outreach your own physical and mental boundaries. When I created The Divines Co., I wanted to start something that will make people realize their true worth and make them understand that their potentional is infinite but only useful when it's used. Most people believe that we are all created in the image of God...well how about we start living as such and realize we can change our current situation, tribulations, self issues and problems because deep inside we all have the ability to be Divine.

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Milky Way Collection: Native One

The Milky Way Collection is a visual and artistic attempt to put faces on "Divine" people of various cultures and ethnic groups and show how I see it in my imagination. So I started sketching...


The topic of this shirt design is the Native American. I used nothing but lines of varying boldness to show depth and sharpness but my main focus was the actual content I was going to include. I wanted to give a sense of "awakening" and "power" and this is what I came up with...


Finally!...I figured out the main foundation, the face and over all look. I need to add content to this sketch; somehow I need to add the story of an awakening of potential and power to these lines. So I added a touch of the universe in her eyes to represent not only godliness but the aspect of infinity. I also added my own custom tribal marks to the ring of her crown to present the essence of Native American culture and art. With a few more essential details I finally completed the first piece of The Milky Way Collection called Native One...


The Shirt Process

I know silkscreening might be the most popular and well known type of t- shirt manufacturing but I love creating shirts using the heat press method and that is the process I used for this design. I just love the feeling of having my hand in every step of the process from creating the actual transfers to actual pressing them onto the shirts. 


Shirt Process Method: Heat Press

Ink: Plastisol

Shirt: 100% Cotton, fashion-fit ringspun 

Cost: Wholesale- $12

         Retail- $25

Result: Pure Divine!!!


This is one of my most popular designs and I am happy that people are reacting to the design and the message it conveys in the same empowering way I do. This will be the first piece of The Milky Way Collection for I will be diving into other cultures around the world. Any and everyone has unlimited potential to be great and do great in this world, but first you must recognize your worth and power from within and realize you are DIVINE!... 

Thank you for the opportunity Jeff Staple & Skillshare...



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