The Mighty Robot 28

The Mighty Robot 28 - student project


After finding an abandoned robot near her home, Jessie Knight turns the bot into a crime fighting machine to help her dad police  the streets of New Chicago. The scientist who made the robot, pleased with Jessie's work, sends a gang of wastelanders to kidnap Jessie and recruit her to his cause. The leader of the wastelanders has other plans for Jessie, wanting her to build an army with which to build an army of robots with which to destroy the world. The rebels fighting both the government and the wastelanders, are afraid that Jessie will make an army of robots as a tool for subjugation and they try to sabotage her work. Jessie is kidnapped by the wastelanders and her dad, Robot 28, Jessie's sitter, and Jessie's professor go into the wasteland to rescue her.


Jessie finds a robot abandoned in an alleyway near her home and decides to turn it into a crime fighting machine to help her police officer dad patrol the streets of New Chicago.


As soon as Robot 28 is revealed to the public, Jessie, Marcus, and Robot 28 are caught between several ideologically opposed factions conspiring against them and each other and they must overcome them and make the right decisions moving forward.