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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



The Midtown Boucherie

This is a logo project I've been working on for the past two months, plus or minus, so I'm really looking forward to learning new ways to make this better, to refine it. I absolutely love food, France and Midtown Memphis so I invented this family-owned restaurant: The Midtown Boucherie as an attempt to combine all of these loves of mine. It's was established (state-side) in my birth year, coincidentally, 1981. It's an old-world styled (don't laugh) butchershop and bar with a focus on local ingredients, elevated pub food and craft cocktails. It's a foodie haven. I even drafted a creative brief for this logo.

Here are some of my initial sketches. Sorry, there are a lot of 'em. I'm not sure where I'm headed, just yet, but I'm excited about this journey! I hope to do food related design, identity, branding, in the future if my freelance work ever kicks-off. 

The Midtown Boucherie, estd. 1981


Here's my first attempt at vectoring my logo. It is very rough and not finessed at this point. I think it might work afterall.

Latest Iteration 2-15-14

So at least I have the chosen sketch. Not sure why this is taking me so long, but I don't want to rush this process. I have the sketch. And now just tracing it on my lightbox, I see the light. I mean I see a new way to interpret this. How bout I make the "t" in Midtown more of a focal point. That way it looks like a bone, I think of T-Bone steak and it just works. It's clever too. I think. I can't believe after all this time, I'm just seeing this. Sometimes its good to step away from a project, when you have the time. Now, to get this baby into Illustrator for the next step.

As of 10:03 am:

On to Illustrator....

I think I'm happy now....

I've decided to focus on Sketch D and start vectorizing it in the next step. Yup, I think I'm ready. 

Latest Sketches as of 2-10-14

I'm ready to vector this thing. This is it. I've decided to go with this sketch, particularly the topmost sketch. Here goes...

Latest Sketches as of 1-28-2014


Latest Sketches as of 1-27-2014

These are a few refinements to the horde of mini sketches below.So far, A, B,D and E are the one's I'm leaning towards. Or H, P, or Q! I need some focus!

This is a word association chart that I explored.


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