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The Metro Tunnel

The big joke at my liberal arts college outside Washinton D.C. was that after graudation, while our political science peers went to Harvard Law, we literature degree holders were going to live in a cardboard box under a bridge. 

I got the idea for this blog from a colleague while slicing thorugh cardboard boxes with a box cutter at my retail job post-graduation. I told him I should take one of these big ones home to live in. He said don't say that, writer girl. Start a blog. So I did. 

WHY: The Metro Tunnel is a twist on the bridge-and-box. Explained here: It is my creative outlet, and home for my insights into unexpected places. I see God's finger on the common parts of life. There is holy in the commonplace. I write about it. 
WHO: At first, this project was for my globetrotting (and Capitol Hill walking) friends who told me to "never stop writing." But eventually, I hope, it can reach a network of people who need to be reminded of the World in a Grain of Sand. It's for artists, for dreamers, for lawyers, for managers, for anybody who likes little stories in real time, and grace-laced honesty. 

WHAT I HOPE TO LEARN: How to break out of the box in terms of formatting and even blogging habits. I have only scratched the surface of this venue, and just want to soak up the wisdom of other bloggers who have created more functional, more lovely, more varigated, and more readable blogs than I have--so that I can more effectively determine and reach a target audience with my words. It's just a jumping-off point, I hope, for a career in writing. I'm only just beginning . . . 

WHAT CHANGED: After thinking about Jacqueline's lectures and their focus on knowing your own audience, who they are, what they read, where you drive your traffic from and what that says about those people--I decided that my visual design needed overhauling. I changed my whole blog's theme and while maintaining the title-appropriate grungy look, gave it a much more image-oriented design. In an online-reading era and world, I thought my facebook, pinterest, and article-reading patrons would appreciate the visual-stimulation from connecting my writing to pictures, which my readers appreciate and spend time on in all the other online forums they frequent: flickr, pinterest, and instagram. 

I also created a new and personalized thumbnail that feels more "branded" for my blog, and a separate static page for my blogroll, to get the conversation with other bloggers rolling, and to trumpet other good writing that I love to share! Yay! I'm still teaching myself how to format the blog name and re-orient it on the page. I want it to be larger and read sideways from bottom to top on the left. If anybody knows how I can get it to do that (is it CSS trickery in Wordpress?) let me know!


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