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The Metamorphosis

I reread Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis these evenening. It's a short and excellent read. The story revolves around a young man who finds himself transformed into a bug and how his family responds to the situation. His family at first are shocked at the transformation however as the book progresse we begin to see the family care less about their son's new transformation. 

Although the story revolves around Gregor's transformation and struggles, I found that his sister Grete plays an important character in the story as she too undergoes a metamorphosis of her own. With that said many of the covers I have seen deal with the cockroach imagery however not so much with the other important character of the story. I'm thinking for this cover I will somehow try to include Grete's role but still have Gregor's story.

It has had many covers over its publication history. Here are some that I found

Here are some that I found most interesting: 


So, I decided to go against the traditional roach. Instead of having a classic roach I decided to give it an illustrative quality to it. I'm still working on the "roachman" and I'm figuring out what to do with the background. But so far I'm happy with the result. I originally wanted to use real pictures however, I wanted push my illustrator skills and go for a different feel. There is still a lot of work to be done with this so let's see how it goes. 


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