The Merchant's Corner

The Merchant's Corner - student project

Iteration 2

Hehe, I have tried my best to continue with the exercise, it still needs some changes, but I'm getting something more or less acceptable. I've find in the way that I need to learn more about colors and design :-) ... At least this has been a good way of getting familiar with photoshop...

The Merchant's Corner - image 1 - student project

Iteration 1

I need still to put some more elements on the page, but I spent sometime imagining the idea, and none putting the pieces together. something I'd try to solve in the following iterations...

The Merchant's Corner - image 2 - student project

I used a 1024 x 1400 canvas size, perhaps I should have used something a bit wider than that, I don't know... 

About the colors I chose, I realized a bit later that it look a bit like facebook :-S