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The Mentor

Step 1:

 I have chosen a piece from Winesburg, Ohio: Chapter 3 Hands- Concerning Wing Biddlebaum

 I want to tell his story and I want to capture the feeling I got from the short story. Even though you find out he "supposedly" did these terrible things you feel bad for the guy. You want to be on his side.

Step 2:  Drafting the screenplay-- The Mentor

FINAL- 7/24-

Sorry I don't have a title page. 

Step 3- Logline

A confused young man befriends an older man in search for answers in his own life. He finds out the man is hiding something and is determined to get to the truth of why the old man is the way he is. 



Well I found I strayed a bit from my original story. So I changed it around a bit.

Draft 6- I changed the story around a bit. I love the conflict of George trying to figure out Wing's story and why he came to be the way he is. George knows Wing loves giving advice and telling stories so George keeps coming around in hopes Wing reveals something more about his story.

4th Draft- I changed the transition anod cleaned it up a LOT based on the feedback and the beautiful articles Kevin shared on flashbacks.

I feel like I'm getting closer and closer. Wing tells George advice he wishes he would take himself. Wing knows what he has to do but because of fear does not act on it. Its like the twelve step program in AA, he has gotten to the recognition point of it but has not pushed further into action.

3rd Draft-- I changed the transition at the end, of the flashback. It flows more for me. I would love feedback!

6/16 Update- I found a better transition between past and present. I think it flows better. I feel like I have enough room to add another boy into the past story, to give him another reason to leave town. I feel I can make the story of the past more interesting. 

update- I now realize the painting at the end is not when the audience should realize, that is just the final blow. George realizes it when Wing finishes his story. Cinematically I like the use of the same movement- the tussling of the head- to show a connection between Wing and the teacher.

2nd Draft : Here is the different version with the 3rd person story. It is more interesting to me personally.

1st Draft

 Step 3- Logline

A quiet, disconnected old man, Wing, must connect and mentor a young man and over come his fear of other people. 


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