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The Mellyboo Project

I've been blogging since November 2010 - initially starting on Blogspot, then moving over to a self-hosted Wordpress account.  I initially started The Mellyboo Project as a means to keep my friends and family in the loop, as I went to Australia to travel - but unfortunately, they weren't the ones who were reading.  I started to randomly get people from all over the world reading about my travel experiences, and as a result I became more and more involved in social media, thus expanding my network even more.  Since I made the move over to my self hosted site, I have managed to monetize my blog and have gotten partnerships with various companies - ie) blogging and traveling with a tour company in Africa.

Why am I blogging?  I want to share my experience as being a person who ditches the '9-to-5' and lives life on my own terms.  I want to utilize my own story as a means to motivate people to go out there and live their dreams and to stop being scared. 

Who is my ideal audience? The beauty of my blog is that the audience can be fellow travelers, armchair travelers (those who haven't left yet), and anyone who is thinking of changing their lifestyle to be more 'outside the box.'

What do I want readers to take away? I continue maintain my blog's main focus as being a travel blog- as travel has become a way of life for me.  Ultimately, I want readers to take away the notion that they too can live life on their own terms.

What next?  I just launched my site's redesign this past weekend, and I will be attending TBEX (Travel Blogger Expo) in Toronto on June 1-2 in hopes of making more connections within the travel industry which hopefully will result in partnerships, travel opportunities and hopefully more money.  I would love to expand the website to include video content and even a photography store.  My big dream is to write a book and be published - much like Torre de Roche from For now I want to continue to build my brand and build my audience.

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