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The Meadwerks

We're making an apple-orchard and bee-friendly honey wine for Sonoma County! 

Mead is the original fermented beverage and has been called ‘the ancestor of all fermented drinks’. The ancients drank mead from China to India to Africa to Greece to Rome to Northern Europe to Central America. 

We’re honoring ancient methods while developing a modern twist.  The result is an innovative version of a pre-historic drink, perfectly suited to the flowers and hives of Northern California:  a semi-sweet beverage of around 11% ABV, with a tangy, fizzy mouth-feel like ginger beer.  

This mead is good for the bees and good for the spirit! 


Our mead is innovative in three main ways:

It’s WILD: fermented with the yeast already present in the alchemy naturally created by combining honey and water. 

It’s LIVE: our mead is bottled “live” in re-useable swing-top bottles to make a naturally effervescent beverage without artificial carbonation.  

It's RAW:  most modern mead-makers seek to standardize the final product by boiling or pasteurizing the ingredients in order to kill the "wild" yeast in the honey. Our mead is made without boiling, so it preserves the natural, live micronutrients in raw honey. 

Additionally, as honey is our main ingredient, we encourage and support the development of bio-diverse bee-friendly habitats, perfectly suited for the apple orchards and other landscapes of Sonoma County.  Unlike grape monocultures, we can save the apples, promote bee-friendly habitat, and get our inebriation from our backyard!  It’s a win-win-win for the apples, the bees, and the buzz! 


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