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The McDonald Tribe

Loved this class! I had heard of Aaron Draplin before and had seen some of his work, but this was my first time to hear him teach. Absolutely loved his class!  

My family crest revolves around my father and mother. My American dad met my mom in Thailand while he was in the Air Force. Dad was a bad ass pilot who loved his classic Cadillac and beer and me, of course (not necessarily in that order). Dad was also a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan and got me to love football for a couple of years (when the Cowboys won their two Superbowl games). This crest is a tribute to him as he is no longer with us. Together he and mom created the McDonald tribe as I know it. 

I used shapes to build nearly all of the elements. When I got pressed for time I resorted to the pen tool and drew the eagle and lion. The symbols could use more refining, but...alas, it is what my time alloted me to do.






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