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The McAulay Family

I spent several pages of a sketchbook working out all the things that connect our immediate family of 3. In the end, it came down to a couple of obvious things to represent us. The first of these things is cake, which we all love to make together and has gained a bit of noteriaty. "McAulay Cake" is well known around the design agencies of Aberdeen, Scotland. The second thing is my catastrophic attempts at fixing plumbing in our last home. We've seen water gushing through the living room ceiling and water spraying out a wall where the shower used to be. These disasters got me a lifetime plumbing ban. Something we still find funny and something i'll never be allowed to forget.

I used the plumbing thing to create the laurels. Wonky pipes spraying water out seemed to fit well. Ideally the stroke of the pipes would have been thicker but when trying that, the shape began to become less obvious as that of a pipe. Compromise was needed.

The centerpiece definitely had to be the cake.

Wrapped it all up with a bit of type to re-afirm the family values ;)

Worked on a few colour combinations

Then settled on the primarily blue version. I like how it almost looks like the cake is sitting in a puddle.

Tried beefing all the strokes up in the name of consistency. I could probably increase the size of the banner now as the location text is looking a little lost. 


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