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The May Way of Beverage Consumption

I'll be posting my first blog entry after this evenings rendez-vous with Karen.

Well, Karen and I had a wonderful time sampling 6 different wines last night and actually had a couple "ah-ha" moments. I bought the whites and salad while she brought the reds, salmon, fresh green beans, quartered red skin pottoes, and a last minute purchase of some port cheese to go with some melba crackers.  I got the better end of this deal since the meal was at her house.

So, being efficient, as we always try to be, we only took picture of the first bottle and neglected any other picture taking. Not able to copy here without it taking the entire space so I've given up for the moment.  So on I go with the wine tasting....

Oh, well at least we took notes. Starting off with the Alan Christopher Brut Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine from France. We know it's not a champagne since it says sparkling wine on the label and it's not from the correct region in France. Opening in a manner similiar to that on the video mine made a small pop, not a hiss. The initial taste was very, very dry but bery, very bubbly.  The middle of my tongue tingled on the second sip. I like brut champagne but this was a bit too dry for me.  So on to bottle #2...

Up next was a bottle of a Vigilance a Sauvignon Blanc from Red Hills, Lake County CA made in 2011. Intial taste was a really sour, citric lemony/graprefruit ugh.  Second taste was still lemony (has lemon grass in it).  Didn't like it.  Thought it would make a good marinade, Karen thought she should have used it on the salmon we were eating for dinner. We decided to have a cheese on cracker and WOW WOW WOW what a difference.  With a bite of food the wine improved immensely.  It seemed to mellow out and not taste so citrisy.  After this "AH-ha" moment we went back and tasted the sparkling wine after a bite, and it improved immensely, too! So we now knew that after our initial tastes we would have some cheese and crackers and then taste again.

I was looking forward the most to the bottle of Ruffino a blended wine from Orvieto, 2011.  One of the other projects mentioned drinking Orvieto and I needed to relive my past of sitting in the city square of Orvieto gazing at the cathedral while drinking wine and having a picnic with two very good looking Italian guys who we had to ask to open our wine since we didn't have a cork screw. :) There was no smell so I was leary. Though it was very smooth going down there was little taste.  Maybe the taste was too subtle for the likes of my tongue but it tasted too watered down.  Even with food there was no improvement.

Bottle #4 was Como Sur a Pinot Noir from Chile, 2011.  I think Karen bought it because it was made from organic grapes. Initial tasting was very dry and woodsy tasting. We had swished and swirled, swished and swirled, but the taste, although improved with food, was not enough for me to buy it again.

Our Daily Bread an Organic Red Table Wine from CA made in 2011 was our fifth and the WORST tasting and smelling wine we consumed.  The initial dirty sock smell was off-putting.  The harsh woods taste made me go "ugh"! Even with food there was no saving this bottle from being used to kill slugs, strip wallpaper, or remove mold and mildew. Karen was left with the remains of the bottle. :)

The final bottle was our favorite.  Maybe it wa the fact that we had been tasting wine for an hour or maybe it was the fact that the prior bottle was so bad but it was a hit with our taste buds.  Mirassou a Pinot Noir from CA I think 2010 or 2011 (I forgot to look for the date), was delightfully light and fruity.  Not so fruity like Boonesbury Wine from those highschool days, but a nice hint of cherry and other flavors I didn't know but they said are pomegranates and currants.  So now I know some of the fruity tastes.

Overall the wine tasting was a success.  I showed off my knowledge of opening bottles of wine, swirlling and swishing, decanting, and proper temperature for serving wine. NO, JOHN, NOT EVERYONE HAS A BASEMENT TO STORE WINE SO WE EVEN HAD TO PUT THE PINOT NOIR IN THE FRIDGE FOR 10-15 MINUTES SINCE OUR TEMP INSIDE WAS 78-80 DEGREES.  I enjoyed sampling all the bottles.  I can't wait to go to the local wine bar and share a couple glasses with Karen.  Learning about wine gives us an excuse to leave our families behind and have a girls' night out on the town.  Till next time...




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