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Leitha Matz




The Matz Family Crest

So excited to get into this project!

It was really fun to quiz my family for ideas and memories, and I was happy to be able to use a clean, modern aesthetic for this while practicing my Illustrator skills. A win-win-win!

First, a mood board.

My family is rich in teachers and soldiers. We love books and our ancient Matz ancestor immigrated to the US from Prussia. (Coincidentally, the old family soil is not far from Berlin, where I live now!)

We also represent a long line of DIY-ers... self-reliance and making things is huge, so I especially wanted to represent that. Oh, and we're also a bunch of know-it-alls, so I'm working that into the slogan.


Next, some art boards for grouped ideas:



And then some really terrible early sketches...



After checking these out at very small size, I finally ditched the apple in favor of a book and made the tools bigger. Bigger is definitely better in this situation.

After I did some cleanup, I had a couple of early variations to send out to the family for comments.


You'll notice I ended up with the same typeface as the Draplins. Aftr a lot of research on Fraktur type, Tannenberg Fett just felt pretty right.

As of the moment, the family is evenly split between liking the sans-serif and Tannenberg Fett. I kind of enjoy the beer hall feel of B, but A certainly looks more clean and simple.

I'm not happy yet with the letter kerning and the book needs cleanup, but I was excited to jump into colors, so here are a few variations based off colors drawn from the mood board.



UPDATE: The family is totally split on Sans-serif vs. Fraktur, so as a tie-breaker, someone suggested Comic Sans. I didn't have that, so I'm currently working with Wingdings, which is wierdly appropriate for our family.


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