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The Mate Knight

The Mate Knight

First of all, thank you for this course Brian! I've felt lately that my Character Design skills had to be polished, so I took this couse expecting to understand the process better and I must say that it didn't dissapoint, hence my positive review. :)

This is what mate drinks are like, they are more commonly consumed in Argentina and Uruguay, I don't drink much mate, but I know some friends of mine that like it and drink it with as much frequency in the day as you would normally drink tea or coffee.


I started with a very basic idea: Using the Mate drink as a reference object to create a Knight that was also an exorcist of demons and ghouls, based on the mate and bombilla shapes, but also adding a little bit more of some flowing, dinamic elements to give our hero some more gravitas.


The initial face had to be modified because after doing the first idea with the realistic face it felt like it lacked something, so I went for a more stylistic approach to it, and its something that I'm warming up to, but I have to fight my semi realistic urges...! xD


The #1 is like waaay too serious and uninteresting when compared to the #2 that is so much fun and dinamic. By the way the idea is that this exorcist knight character has like blue spirit flames that he controls at will to fight foes, that's why it looks like it has flames in his hand in the second, more polished sketch.

I tried to go for a hat that slightly resembled the bombilla straw, but it was awful, so I created a sort of a sceptre that he has on his back to go with the mate drink symbolism, and I like how it turned out overall.


Thank you for stopping by my project! Have a great time with your designs!! :D


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