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The Matador!

Original add

I decided to choose an add - well actually a book cover - that would be a challange. So that includes lots of different colours, shapes, textures and details. I've definitely got my work cut out. 

Finally finished the small details. it took a long time. A large part of this was done with the blob tool to get the shapes down, they were obviously pretty crude so I used the direct selection tool and grabbed the indicidual anchor points and cleaned them up. Pretty easy but it took forever. Could do with a bit of texture if I want the vintage quality of the original image.

So I think it's done. Cleaned up some of the messy parts (thanks Samantha) and added in the last few small details.

I gave it a subtle grain so it has that worn, frayed quality. If this was destined for print however I'd remove the grain, I heard it can really mess with the print process. Plus I imagine the original art work was fresh at first. But for the sake of this reproduction, the grain is in. Looks pretty cool I think.

I pretty much put all the tips and advice from the lessons to use. This has been extrememly time intensive but I've learned so much about using illustrator. I feel like now, I've got the basics. I can start using illustrator confidenty. Many thanks to Brad for his great instruction.


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