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The Marriage Lease

What if instead of "till death do us part", marriages were for finite terms agreed to by both parties like a lease? 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?  The relation has a contractual expiration date.  At the end of the term, you both can simply walk away or renew the lease.  There are agreed upon penalties for breaking the lease early.  Single people are referred to as "freelance".  Married people are referred to as being "under contract."

Nearing the end of a standard 3 year marriage contract, a middle-aged comedian fears that his younger wife doesn't want to renew. He prepares to leave the comfortable home life he's enjoyed and re-enter the world of being single.  He sees the contrast between his life and the life of his single friends.  His house is decorated nicely and has a woman's touch.  Some of his single friends have lawn furniture in their living rooms and sleep on mattresses on the floor.  He doesn't have any children. He's away a lot on the road and really cherishes coming home to his wife.  It's his anchor in a crazy world.  He tries to convince her to renew. 

In the end, she doesn't and he has to move out. They do a final inspection. He gives back the keys and she returns his security deposit.  It's very sad even though it seems like he's moving out of an rented apartment.  


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