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The Marmalade

I work as a graphic designer in a film company. When we don´t have so much to do in our department we like to make "creative challenges". For these challenges, we have to make a project but always with some conditions. This time we have to make a animation challenge: 

- max. 4 second long

- It should be a character on it (created from us, no existing characters) 

- The color palette is defined. 

- 600px x 600 px

Because I am the only one that is not an animator in the department (the guys in my office can move everything), I decided to make an animated neon sign with a character on it. I love neon signs, I made some time ago an Illustration with only neon signs, so I know already a little bit over the style and type construction: 

I decided I wanted to have like a kind of mascot on it. A 50s or 60s style mascot would look great. After some research, I decided I would like to have like the fatty brother of Big Boy Hamburger Mascot. It would look great with the text "The Marmalade", which is the name of our company. 



Typography is just this typical 50s typo, not very difficult to do with the triangles as serif. I just choose because looks good with the kid, it is appropriate to the topic, and you can draw it quite fast.

Some quit sketches with the basic movement of the animation: 

1. Normal kid

2. eating kid


After that, a few hours in Illustrator and Photoshop, and the animation was done! I like how the kid looks to its side looking if there is someone around. Next time I will try with some more complicated animation. 


I had a lot of fun doing this project. I hope you enjoy! 


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