Suzanne Eberhardt

Founder/CEO of Eberhardt design



The Man Project - Interior Design for Men Only and the women who love them.



The pain-

  • the successful man who has no time to make his home fab and easy to maintain
  • self image at stake
  • lack of continuity in his outside image with his at home or office image
  • Fears wasting time and money in not getting it right
  • Its affecting his self confidence and ability to feel comfortable bringing women home.( women he cares about)


Goal -

  • get his home in order and fab on time and within budget
  • look swank
  • be easy to maintain
  • get the girl
  • get the payraise ( confidence in all areas important
  • personal brand established


How I help-

  • I take the pain out of the process
  • I take you from drab to fab in 5 steps 
  • I sess out your personality/ desires with out you having to think so hard
  • I do the work for you - sit back and enjoy the process- you know you are in good hands
  • We go all the way- finishing touches and maintanence steps
  • Wardrobe help as well- we have top stylists ready to polish your look





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