The Mama's Sauce Elevator Pitch

The Mama's Sauce Elevator Pitch - student project

An elevator pitch is named that because it needs to be to the point and is able to be spoken in as short of a time frame as an elevator ride. Why would you need to have one prepared? Well, should you decide to scale, it's going to take capital and/or sweat equity. I would suggest capital over sweat, although you'll never entirely escape sweat when growing a business. If you want to hear more about my journey on doing it without capital, check out this talk on the growth of Mama's Sauce here... I want you to know clearly what you'll go through should you choose to try and scale out of your "garage" - so I'd encourage you to watch that video and get the story. After that (ad this class), maybe you'll want to try and for capital over footing it on your own. You could also grab a strategic partner in leu of (or along with) capital... Should one of these be your course, you'll need an elevator pitch to get people interested. Here would be one of my general elevator pitches for Mama's Sauce 8-years ago, knowing what I know now... I use different elevator pitches for different audiences.

"Mama's Sauce is a print shop unlike anything that is in the market right now - we print only with antique processes like letterpress, silk screen and foil. The amazing thing about these processes is that they cater to people who care about quality and craftsmanship, which is how they survived (barely) the onslaught of the digital age. We produce only high end products for discerning people. Products like business cards (hand them my letterpress business card, which always gets attention), show posters, art prints, and stationery. As you can see from that card, the prints make an impression. And that's what it's all about - a print shop for people who care about every touch point, people that want to make an impression. Everything is made on antique equipment by highly skilled artisans and it shows. In an ever more digital world, something like this is the juxtaposition that people are looking for in order to stand out and show how much they value quality. The market for this is massive and underserviced and we want to own it."

Nick Sambrato
Founder & CEO of Mama's Sauce