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The Magical Journey: now with out the magic

I'm coming in to this really without a clear idea of what I want to make. Right now I'm working on the early stages of my own comic named Find the Mage. However I do not want to use it here. Don't worry I have something cooking in my brain. Right now for me it's about trying to make the characters for it, and I'm not giving them cat ears! so that's a plus.

Well I was making this I started to see that I was really drawn to this same head shape. It’s really clear in the females, and sort of with the males. It's something about how I like to have the chin go to a point, maybe that’s like my anime roots showing, or maybe it's just my style that I'm drawn too. I found that when I didn't have it or I make it really unclear; it was hard for me to build the face. It would just always looked off to me.

You said to make 10? I made 12. I couldn't bring myself to remove two. they all are good with in there own right.

This is some early doodles of different head shapes. I wasnt trying to think to much about being simple here. Just shapes, and how to put stuff on it.

So after a long break: I came back!


First off I couldn't find the OG's of any of my body types that I found. I must have removed the layer where they were on or something. I'm going to be making more soon.


For now: here's a bit of a step by step guild as to what happened well I was making this dude.

The image below is something I like to do whenever I'm making characters. (Even more so when I have a pin point idea in my head and I don't want to lose it) When the drawing is still in its rough stage, I like to just put some color under the lines to get a feeling for it all.

When I got done testing what I liked and what I didn’t like about him, I found I wasn't happy with the look he had. I wanted him to look human, but animal at the same time. Something was off, so I took the body and cleaned it up some more. Then I changed the legs, arms, nose, and eyes. I was trying to find this mix of cute, animal/cat/thing and human. I ended up going with 2 and most of the changes. also because this is going to be used for other things, he's some other ideas I had that I drew.

At this point I just fallowed the straight and narrow to get to the full body shot.

Thank you all for reading, I'm working on the next person but I'm just really busy with getting ready for the end of high school and talking to collages. I'm also working on other images. So Thank you again for waiting if you did.


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