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The Mad Man in a Box

Time to let the nerd flag fly, I guess :)

When I sat down to think of a topic for this project, I immediately thought of Doctor Who. Aside from being one of my favorite shows, it contains a vast number of theme possibilities. Almost too vast for me to make up my mind. Do I create a badge for each regeneration of the doctor? His favorite accessories? Villains? Companions? Planets? Aliens? Catchphrases?

Mind Map

I finally settled on centering my theme around my current favorite Doctor, #11, played by Matt Smith. Here is the mind map I came up with:

Narrowed Down List

I decided to do a badge set around this Doctor's companions and a few of his most notable enemies, with some popular catch phrases and quotes thrown in. Below is my narrowed down list:


I also started a Pinterest board for inspiration. You can view it here.

So now to get started sketching!


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