The MOST Improbable Tale of a Pirate Queen

The MOST Improbable Tale of a Pirate Queen - student project

Stranded on a haunted island in the Everglades for five days.

It didn't seem so funny when it was happening.

Finally published a near 5,000 word eShort on Kindle.

You could spend your whole life rewriting!

Need to figure out who my market is!!!

Need a plan!!!

Need to teach the dog to bring me a fresh beer!!!

A website.

Not finished but up!

A week behind on the class but am working on the Ideal Reader Exercise.

1. Write an Author Bio.

2. Finish Ideal Reader Exercise

3. Take all dummy info out of website and create a page for the book itself.

4. Find one - five people to review and/or give me a blurb for my little book.

5. Creat a Facebook Fan Page.

6. Put my book into Kindle Select Program and give it away for three days.

7. Publish the second chapter of my memoir and put a sample of it on me website and include it in my first chapter. I'm stuck! Need to go back and view all the YouTube videos and do all the exercises in the resource packages. 

Feel free to throw in anythning critical I might have missed.

Think I may need to have someone do my book cover. I did it myself and now I think I made a HUGE mistake. (But I LOVE the Pirate Queen Duck!)