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Michelle Turman

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The Love Garden: Home is Where your Love Grows

Hi! I'm Michelle - I am brand new to hand-lettering and am super stoked on it :)

The phrase that I am going to be using is, "Home is where your love grows."

For my application, I am creating garden signs. I envision them to be a line of small wooden signs (4"x4" or 5"x5") that would beautify peoples' home gardens, either in outside space or in a quaint kitchen herb garden.

I immediately fell head over heels for the embroidery book that is featured in the first class lesson. I love the intricacies to each letter. I also think the style is perfect for the (better than) home-crafted look that I am aiming for. 

I've been having difficulty figuring out how to mood-board, so I've used my Pinterest board to keep some things together here:

It took me forever to decide on which quote to use. I love words a lot and that posed a problem for me. Here is my brainstorm for my actual quote and the pages of quotations that I wrote down to attempt to help myself choose one. I am not sure whether my method was helpful or a total hinderance, but I finally got there.

You can see how I tend to get with quotes that I enjoy.

Now that I am finally settled with my phrase and application, I can't wait to get going!


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