The Lotus Meditation Throne

The Lotus Meditation Throne - student project

Sonia Pellerino

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 Canadian Designed ~ Ergonomic ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Self Contained ~ Meditate Indoor/Outdoor  ~ Water Repellent  ~ MEDITATION PILLOW

The Lotus Meditation Throne - image 1 - student projectThe Lotus Meditation Throne has a unique ergonomic design, which allows for perfect posture in a seated meditation pose.   Your seated posture will allow for your lower extremities to be in a 45 degree angle, therefore it will reduce any tingling or numbing in the lower extremities, enhanced comfort and reduced pain is the key to a deeper meditation state.

Tai-Yo Collections had the Universe in mind, we embraced the eco-friendly materials.

The Lotus Throne's self contained bag allows for easy carrying to your meditation studios, retreats and outdoor meditaiton adventures.

The water repellent petals allow for you to meditate in comfort inside or outside and your feet & ankles stay dry and fully supported.  Try meditating on the sandy beach, sitting on the grass under a tree, or bundle up for a snowy meditation.

We have created three collecting to include the entire family to meditate together! Introducing the children meditation thrones, adult female thrones, and unisex thrones.


The Lotus Meditation Throne - image 2 - student project

I've given birth to Tai-Yo Collection, while I was mediating with a famous Tibetan Lama Zopa Ripoche in 2006.  (Oakville, Ontario)  I immediately came home and started drawing designs, purchased a sewing machine, a surging machine, YouTube "inserting an invisible zipper" and Two years later after making pillows for friends & family I found a local manufactures, a purchasing manager to help me create my vision.  

I started with 4 different sample colours, made some modification on the closure, and made 100 units, that I used to give to mediation ambassadors, exhibited at 7 different trade shows, (within a 8 month period), had my pillows sold at 5 different retail stores, one  wellness Centre, and two retreat centres.

The Lotus Meditation Throne - image 3 - student project

Within a Year all the pillows were sold, but i made absolutely no profit! Amazing life changing lessons: Firstly~ was having them made locally, I wanted to support my community, but it's very costly.

, I spent $5000 on tradeshows, and I should have spent that on 2 high-end websites and blogs.

What I will do NOW, invest in a user friendly website(s), blogs, social media ect.

- I am saving money to invest in 2000 units of the Lotus Throne, 

- I have a distribution centre lined up for my online orders, (open to other options)

- A manufacture in India was recommended to me by a who colleague, whom used the manufacture for 3 years to present day, and visited the facility twice, I’m just waiting for the first pattern to be finished, then I can send it to India. (open to other manufacture referrals)

- I have a new pattern maker; I've been having difficulties on the best closure for the Lotus Throne Petals, (open for Pattern maker referrals)

-Need to source materials:  organic -vegetable dyed fabrics heavy canvas weight, recycled zippers, waterproof hemp canvas, water repellent vivid coloured polyester, hematite magnets, graphic artist, web designer, packaging,  

- Need some advice of what questions I should be asking the manufacturer overseas, (what certifications needed etc..)

(I did have the new material tags for the original 100 units)

What drives me is I love the field of meditation; I’m also a meditation teacher & meditation corporate coach.  I love living my authentic self and getting paid for it!

Thank you,

Sonia Tai-Yo Pellerino