The Lost and Found

Presentation Title: The Lost and Found

Core Message:  Never lose hope of your dreams. A person without a dream is a person who is without hope.  The driving force to helping us go through the ups and downs of life are our dreams, our goals, our visions.  When we lose sight of where we are going, it makes where we are seems even worst.  It's said in the bible without a vision the people will perish. This core message will help the youth remember that as long as you've got your dreams in sight, you'll always have a reason to fight.

Intro/Hook- Statue of Liberty Story - Story of how I was lost on a boat heading to New Jersey away from my parents and family at the age of 3 and how my parents and family were so happy to have found, their lost family member.  

Introduce core message and my promise which will be, when these few minutes are over you'll not only be excited to live life but you'll bring back your once 'dead' dreams back to life and how to never lose sight of them again.

Point #1 - Don't Listen to the Naysayers

Story #1

Famous movie director Tyler Perry's story about how he was told that he would never have his films work in Hollywood (Defy the odds)

Story #2

Barack Obama becoming President (Defy the odds)

Point #2: Too Legit To Quit

Story #1 - 

Struggling Comedian goes from being booed to owning the box offices

Story #2 - 

My personal story on how I almost quit the football team, and how I persevere and went on to win awards

Point #3: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Story #1 - 

Talk about how a diamond is actually made (No Pressure, No Diamonds)

Story #2 - Personal story about how I went from -$24 in the bank with no job, to now running my own business, and conquering my fear of public speaking through the points shared in this presentation


Review Points and let them know that "Nothing is Impossible, As Long as You Believe"


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