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The Lopez Sisters Creamy Tortillas

I have chosen the short story from Steinbeck’s The Pastures of Heaven of the two Lopez sisters that try in a creative way shape their nature given future. 

My love for the story is derived from the past feeling I got reading Milan’s Kundera the unbearable lightness of being. The feeling is derived from the observation of Tereza of a woman in the sauna that is beautiful in the face but so voluptuous in her body. Tereza is captured by the weight of the shear body that is destroying the beauty of the face.  

This biological given determinates of our lives is something that Steinbeck portrays in The pastures of Heaven at every step and in my opinion this principle comes bluntly to the forefront in the short story of the two Lopez sisters. It is a natural tragedy how they are set to be whores no matter what they do. It is in their DNK.

That is why the piece is done in the style of tragedy, as written in Aristotle’s Poetics, where the real situation is revealed to the naive character by an outsider. 

But the Lopez sisters win the battle with the natural tragedy in the end as they embrace themselves for who they really are by nature. So from a tragedy a comedy is born.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

The Lopez Sisters Creamy Tortillas.pdf 

Step 3: Writing Your Logline

Two sisters making their dream of a successfull life coming true through their moms recipe for Creamy Tortillas. That is until their Landlord becomes suspicious that the clients are going home a bit too happy.

Thank you all for your time, feedback and support! Stay awesome!



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