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The Looney Loon Project :-)

It was all a dream...

I just want to make fun stuff that also makes me money so that I can just do that full time instead of being a firefighter. Is that too much to ask? Thought not.

In my mind, I don't want to get involvded any more in any business unless it can be rooted in my core ideals of 1)family and 2)fun, and this particular project fits the mold, so I'm going for it.

As it stands, what I am trying to accomplish is to find a decent product that I can private label and brand, and then to take the ideas and improvements that working with the product may inspire and create other new and interesting products and accessories around it. 

To be continued...

Find your commandment inspiration - Okay I keep coming back to visions of Willie Wonka and Walt Disney, so I think I'm just going to say as my commandment...

"Keep it Family. Keep it Fun."

Comandments 1,4,5,8,9,10 have resonated with me.

So, in reading the book "Unlabel" as I do this mini-course, Marc said something about knowing your core, core ideal, core product, the cornerstone, the root from which all things grow and flow. In his examples, Ralph Lauren had his famous polo shirt, and Marc's core product was his was a hoodie.

And that struck me. So, if nothing else, the book and the course was worth every cent because I was able to get clear about the core of this toy brand I am currently trying to build.

My core (product) is a box, and from within that (Pandora's) box all things will flow out into the world to grow. Simple device, big concept, loads of possibilities.

So now, I have to create my mnemonic device derived from some of the "Commandments", my "Keep it Family, Keep it Fun." core value, and my "Pandora's/Magic Box" core product.

This should be interesting given that I can't draw worth a crap anymore :-)


Well, here it is, best I can do without going to school or spending a month trying to figure out photoshop.

Not so much an equation as an abstract thought process on the birth of a brand.

Brand Mnemonic


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