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The Longest Train I Ever Saw

I am using the quote "The Longest Train I Ever Saw"  from the song In the Pines by Bill Callahan.  He is one of many people who have covered the song in cluding Nirvana and Leadbelly.  I love this song as well as the imagery that comes to mind when listening to it.  This includes pine trees, forests, trains, camping, darkness, stars, night time, traveling, the West, folk music, folk tales, etc.  

Here are my first word sketches.  I like the script at the top right and the railroad spike the most.  I think I will use the railroad spike for the word longest with the black background and script in another part of the drawing.  I like the one that is just a drop shadow too and think it would work well with small words like a, and, the, etc.  I like simple, bold designs and think I will go that route with the project.  I would like to also handpaint this project on glass with 1 Shot paint once I make the final design.

This is the design that I have chosen to finalize.  I like that it has all of the elements from my inspiration song and list, but is still subtle.  

Now I need to figure out how to make a makeshift lightbox to trace this with pen!

Here is my final drawing!  I am super pleased with how it came out.  I do not have access to Illustrator to do a live trace and get it clean and crisp yet, but will do so in the future.  I am glad I took this class because I would not have taken this many steps to get to the final product and it would have been much weaker.  I am happy that I was able to incorporate a lot of the elements from my initial brainstorming list into the drawing.  I think this would work well as a screen printed poster or t-shirt design, both of which I am going to do.  Thanks for teaching this class!


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