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The Longest Island Hunt

I am from an island that is 118 miles long and in that strech includes, my Daily Hunt. My name is Erick and I am a creative from Long Island ,New York. My Daily Hunt allowed me to really become mindful of my enviroment, and all of it's qualities. 

7 o’clock

Hello Mr. Sun! With these large floor to ceiling windows in my studio, every morning I am FaceTiming with the sunrise.


Benjamin Franklin started his day from this powerful introspection. This sign hangs right above my workspace and its question spark the positive intentions for my day.

Day Job

30 miles east of home and the studio is where the day job is. I'm a supermarket hero of the Hamptons. It's an interesting place to be and every single person has a story to tell- and more often then not I hear them all.


Our long island is strung together by railroad ties. My main mode of travel for the past two years has been my feet alongside the diesel steel chariots that is the Long Island Rail Road. There is something about movement without very little effort on my part that I find so amazing. 


Everyday I am grateful that I live on an island, especially one that is only 60 miles from NYC! There is something about being able to get to a body of water from any location in a short amount of time that I find really comforting. There are some people who have never been on a beach, or experienced the vastess of the ocean while standing on the shore. I often discover many of the islands residents take for granted the natural gems we hold.

Follow me as my hunt continues:


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