The Lonely Archer

The Lonely Archer - student project

I know there seem to be a lot of stories about female archers out there like this photo from "Teen Wolf and of course "Hunger Games" but it is actually inspired by a co-worker of mine who is an archer and goes to the range every weekend.  Since I never saw the above films, I am working an archer story of my own.  Below are this characters attributes.  I look forward to developing her and adding a script that I hope you will find interesting.  

So far I know that she has to move away from the big city and the friends she was planning to graduate with because of a tramatic instance (still working on that one).  The external antagonist will be her new situation that challenge her selp confidence and the classmates who do not accept her.  The internal antagonist is her shyness and lack of self confidence that make moving to the country almost unbearable for her.  The conflict is her love for the city she has always known vs. her love of nature and some natural talents she discovers she never had brought out by her new environment.  She also learns something mysterious about her family that she never knew, which will change her perspective.  

Character- Emily, high school senior

Gender- femaleAge- 17

Social status- middle class

Family- alive, no siblings

Profession- studentHobbies- archery

Dream- to get out of her she'll and be someone special, to graduate with her friends

Fears- being alone, moving to a new town

Strengths- Sweet, humble & generous, very focused in school, good at archery

Weaknesses- doesn't make friends easily, lack of self-confidence

Chris V
Artist, Designer, Maker