The Living Song


Mission—To look at life through the metaphor of music (in this case, a piano piece) and showcase the parallels of musical details to the details in life, provoking the audience to pay attention to the little things and enjoy every detail and every moment of life while it lasts. 

Treatment—(Script in progress)

Script                                                       [Visual Treatment/Production Notes]

Close-up on piano keys as someone starts to play. 

VO: And it begins                                   [Close-up: Eyes opening]

A simple melody.

Immediately, it starts to move and come alive

One note connects to another and then another   [Overlay: music score | Day by day by day]

so quickly that you can catch only phrases and themes   [Overlay: music score | Months and then years]

It all flows so easily.  

But in between,

There are soft moments,                       [Overlay: "piano" symbol | sleeping person]

and there are loud moments.                [Overlay: "forte" symbol | partying or crazy moment]

Sometimes, there are accidentals        [Overlay: "accidental" symbol | spill or typo]

But there is always change: 

chord changes,                                       [Changing cords or plugs in electronics]

key changes,                                            [Hands fumbling with keys before a door]

time (signature) changes,                      [Clock ticking or showing world clocks or travel]

tempo changes.                          [Running -> walking feet and/or show change in heart rate]

Enjoy it all: every detail, every moment.   [Fast-motion through all previous "metaphor" scenes]

…Cause you never know when the song might just

Stop.                                                          [Eyes close to abrupt black screen. Music stops.]


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