Thomas Cussins

Owner, Ineffable Music Group



The Live Experience - Touring and the Music Business

Ever wondered what it takes to be a part of the music industry? In this class we learn from the promoter, agent, manager and artist's angles how to become a viable touring artist in today's music business. This overview class is followed by secondary classes that build upon the framework discussed here.

Explore how to be a promoter; making offer sheets, producing and promoting shows. Make a sample offer and event budget and "promote" a virtual show.

Learn how to route a tour; what venues should your band play, what ticket prices are appropriate, how to get a gig. Make a sample routing and get your "band" on the road to quitting their 9-5.

Discuss market immersion and developing your brand.

Guest lecture each class from industry professional, successful managers, agents and artists share their insight.

Who this if for: Anyone who wants to be in the music business or is part of a band trying to get out of their local scene and become a national touring act.

About the teacher:

Working in the music business since 2006, Thomas Jacob Cussins has indpendently produced over 1,000 concerts nationwide, worked as a Talent Buyer at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz (with 1,000 capacity and 350 capacity venues), worked at Paradigm Talent Agency with some of the biggest touring acts nationwide and founded his own management firm, representing artists of all genres who have independently made successful careers without radio or major record labels. Currently based in Emeryville, CA; Ineffable Music group is comprised of 10 people who love what they do representing every aspect of an artist's career.


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