Sarena Masco

Graphic Designer



The Little Selkie (A Timeless Fairy Tale) by K. M. Shea

My book is The Little Selkie (A Timeless Fairy Tale) by K. M. Shea and it's basically an adaptation of the fairy tale Little Mermaid. I choose this one over some of my popular books favorites because it's a great book that has: tons of humor, good plot, realistic romance, is different from the original fairy tale and so you don't just feel like you rereading something (hint of how different, main girl is a selkie, not a mermaid), and is just a wonderful story. 

The Drop Cap letter I will be doing is the letter S, both for the reason that it's the author's last name and a major letter in the title. 

Here is my brainstorming for what to do with the S. I decided to go more with a water snake/dragon type of thing consistently throughout the designs as it's a main magic thing for the main character of the book (she creates water snakes by singing) and I think that would really bring out the fantasy magical element of the story by having that be a part of it. 




And this is what I have for my initial sketches to do with the varying S's. Some ideas didn't turn out as good as I hoped, and this all also made me realize how I'll need to explore the best way to illustrate water. When showing the sketches I got varying results on which ones people liked the most so may end up doing multiple as I can't decide. 

Any thoughts on which one would be the best one to do?


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