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The Little Pugs in Life

Mood Board & Grouping --

I wanted the challenge of old school/modern Mech designs to be made with inspiration from rather harmless animals - the technical synthetic vs the smooth organics. The pug face is definitely something I want to try focusing on, because it's a face that constantly looks sad and rather unintimidating, to be paired with what would be a rather intimidating mobile suit.

The monster ideas are really just more for aesthetics and fun for me.

Concept Sketch --

So.... I majorly changed my idea because I kept staring at the pug face, and then I started thinking about phrases like "Pug life" and peoples' opinion of pugs (They're sorta ugly, but they're sorta cute... so they're pugly) - and thus I've come up with the Little Pugs in Life.

Started plugging them in to misc. things in life, like a coffee up and pencil and whatnot. I want to elaborate on a theme for them though.


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