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The Little Pieces that make The Grand Collective

What is The Grand Collective?

The Grand Collective is a lifestyle boutique offering contemporary fashion apparel, footwear and lifestyle products for fashion savvy men in the Baltimore area. 

The origin of The Grand Collective:

*the abbreviated version-

Recent college grad starts sketching fashion designs in 2004 at his new, uninteresting office job. The sketches were horrible but he loved them. He wants to start a fashion line

He puts the fashion thing on hold to start an event promotions group with his friends. They become pretty good at coordinating fun events for young professionalsor and without noticing they developed a reputation for being a fashionable group of guys . They start a website with picture galleries from their events and later a weblog where the "aspiring designer" starts posting cool fashion photos and pop culture interests to keep people on their site.

In 2009, he starts his own blog ( In 2010, the promotion group ends its run and he picks up with her left off with fashion design. He gains some skills and resources through part-time classes at F.I.T. 

He hits some tradeshows, learns about the buying process, sees a lot of great fashions for young men around his age and realizes none of those great clothes can be found in Baltimore.

(pic from my 1st tradeshow in New York)

A year later he finds time to false start his own line and then realizes there's a bigger opportunity to bring the fashions from the tradeshows to Baltimore and help develop the growing community of young men in the Baltimore area with the same fashion and lifestyle interests.

Who is The Grand Collecitve for?

The Grand Collective is for the group of fashion savvy men that actively pursue new fashions, styles, trends and lifestyle interests. This community has grown and become a lot more connected within the last 5-7 years thanks to publications like GQ and Complex magazine and online platforms like Hypebeasts, Superfuture and Complex Media Network. More specifically The Grand Collective will appeal to the contemporary male shopper between 21-39 interested in quality casualwear and sportswear.

Who needs more clothes anyway?

Any guy who can afford $150 sneakers and $200 denim jeans more than likely isn't in dire need of a new pair, but as long as he can afford either he'll be looking for place to choose what he likes and make that purchase. What that customer really needs is the opportunity to express & differentiate himself, his interest and his taste through his style. The desire to express himself his way send this customer on a hunt for what he needs.

That particular customer lives in Baltimore and Baltimore isn't the most ripe hunting ground, but it could be. That's why he needs The Grand Collective. 


Applying Seth Godin's Tools

I've been working on the business plan for The Grand Collective since 2012. Lots of ups and downs, learning, unlearn, misguided attempts and some awesome mentoring. I'm finally close to submitting my plan for what Seth would call "professional funding". I've develop marketing plans that'll allow me to seek crowd sourced funding in the future but start-up capital in seeking loan. I'm going to share pieces of my plan below as it pertains to Seth's steps. Let's start! All your feed is welcome. 

Positioning and Storytelling

This is one of Seth's last steps but its a really great place to start. Here's my X-Y axis that he suggested. I feel like I covered a decent range of categories that apply to my industry but I feel like I could isolate my niche more. Please offer suggestions if you can think of any

Last year I attended some of the biggest menswear tradeshow in Las Vegas. I made some great connections with vendors I plan to bring to Baltimore. I was also given the great opportunity to share the story behind the fashion line I've been designing and  The Grand Collective. Click link under the pic below to view the story!




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