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Katy Bloss

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The Little Pear Tree


Moodboards are something I often skip (naughty I know!). I don't really like scrapbooking, so my Pinterest boards have become my saviour. Creating a professional moodboard for a client would be great to help get the initial ideas and concept across. But for my own personal work, less time consuming Pinterest boards are where it is at for me.


I drew all my motifs with plack pen and then photographed them with my iPad.They didn't all make the cut, but I will file everything away to use in a future project. I found choosing which motifs to use quite an organic process.

The Inkpad app has been a revelation for me. I won't lie, at first I was skeptical, how much better than live trace in Illustrator could it be? But I compared my Inkpad motif to a live traced motif, I could really see the difference. Even playing around with the live trace options I found I could not get such a clean look.

I found Inkpad needed a bit of practice to get used to, but now I am a pro, and can sit drawing in a cosy chair and not be chained to my computer - yay! I think for a clean vector motif Inkpad will be my go-to from now on, however I will still use live trace for more textured motifs.

Colour Palette

This class really helped me take notice of the colours I prefer. It seems I love 1950s colours, am a big fan of neutrals but do like the occasional sprinkle of brights. Rather than add more and more colours, I found it really helped to create half tones of my colour palette, to use in my patterns instead.


I followed Elizabeths advice of creating a showstopper pattern, a secondary pattern and a blender print. I actually found it easiest to start with my blender print first, and then build up my colours and add more motifs as I created my secondary pattern and finally my showstopper.

I even attempted a mock up of a bag using my patterns in Photoshop.

Really happy with my first ever patterns! Thank you Elizabeth, for such an easy to follow and inspiring Skillshare class.

Katy x


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