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The Little Marine Prince-ss


Warm greetings to both Yuko and to my peers,

I'm really happy to participate in this fantastic group and try new techniques.

I'm glad to present my first ink proyect, following Yuko's classes and tips. I used an asian brush and Yuko is complete right, its a little bit tricky. Is very sensitive to pressure and in fact my hand was shaking all the time ^_^.

I based my piece in the story of "the little prince" of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, but giving my personal touch. I have studied marine science and in particular I have studied seagrass. I liked the idea of a princess who travels among seagrass beds to live different adventures, helped by turtles, but also a I mixed a bit of marine research stuff.

First I made a pencil sketch

Then I inked the drawing with waterproof ink and an asian brush.

Some details of my shaking stokes :)

She lost one flip-flop

In the end, I scanned the drawing and colored it. Needs more work, but serves as a preview

Thanks for taking a look! 

I hope many people will be encouraged to upload their projects, I saw amazing jobs over here!


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