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The Listener's Credo

Two strangers, vagabonds drifting in opposite directions, collide inside the innards of a rattling train.

One, a child with a dark secret, and the other, an itinerant magician, quickly realize their connection could be more than coincidence.

Tense minutes unfold before they must part ways — an instant that may seal the path of their lives.

**My project is not chosen from the source texts, although I will read them, and follow everyone's best adaptations. It is an original story. I didn't make this decision out of disrespect, or to bullshit around. I signed up for this class to hone a story that's been incubating in my mind, and with limited free time, it's important for me to allocate it to this. So, I'm not expecting to win popularity votes for Listener, but I would love it if you read, commented, and above all, enjoyed. Thank you :) **


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