The List and What I am trying to do

The List and What I am trying to do - student project

The List and What I am trying to do - image 1 - student projectList of trash
Most of them are:
• Tissue and wet tissue
• Sheet mask (I don’t regularly using it, only once a week or less)
• Cotton pads
• Cotton buds
• Sanitary pads
• Toiletries
• Food waste from kitchen
• Plastic bags—most of them are from my parent’s, as my parents still using plastic for everything
What I already did to recycling things are:
• Using plastic bags—if my parents got it when they are buying things—to put wood pellets that I already used for my cat
• Plastic spray bottles that I got from my skincare face toner, refill it with water and coconut oil for my hair spray
• I am also using again my face serum bottle, fill it with coconut oil for my cat’s ear treatments
Zero Waste Swaps
• My local government, Denpasar, are already banned plastic bag from supermarket and modern market, so I found it easy to swap the way I use plastic bag with my shopping bag that I got from education fairs
• Bring tumbler and lunch box when planning to going out or buying meals outside home
• Avoid using straws and tableware from plastic and swap it with bring my own.
• Using wood pellet for my cat litter instead of my regular cat litter from bentonite. I found it very clean and easy to remove my cat’s poop and urine, and it is dust free, safe for environments, and wood pellet can neutralize the room’s odor. My cats love it very much
• Swap my regular skin care that I think they are still not cruelty-free products with organic skin care product which are cruelty-free, and support local farmers by using local ingredients in their products.

My organic skin care link:

Wood pellet that I use for my cat litter link: