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The Lions in Your Stomach

When you eat too much..

When you eat too little..

And when you don't eat at all, you'll feel a rumble. 

You'll hear a growl.

You put your hands over your tummy and then you can feel it. They're not happy at all. 

Roasted rosemary lemon chicken, caramelized carrots with a scoop of comforting mash potatoes on the side makes them happy. 

A juicy cut of steak seasoned gingerly with just salt and pepper, paired with sautéed spinach and a sweet corn on the cob makes them happy. 

Fresh wedges of watermelon cools the weather in their kingdom. But don't accidentally swallow a watermelon seed or things will begin to over crowd.

I feel a rumble and I hear a roar. I skipped breakfast and now the lions in my stomach growl for something more. 

My lion, Campos, likes spicy foods. 

My lion, Soto, likes robust stewed foods.

My lion, Maria, well.. Maria likes cakes, breads, and flakey pasteries of all kinds. 

But what all of the lions love is the vitamin power packed coloful vegetables that grow from rich soils near and far. 

If you don't eat well you will hear them roar. 

Feed the lions in your tummy right and they will purr, but most importantly they will fuel the energy in the lion that is YOU each day.


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