The Lindy Hops

The Lindy Hops - student project

Hey there from Europe/Austria/Vienna,

I wanted to make the "odd bodies" out of some lindy hop dancers.

Thank you Tom for challenging me in "simplify" my characters. Normally I spent a lot of time in making characters looking real. So it was really fun, not to think a lot about faces and hands. But I realized, that "odd" and "simple" is still difficult for me. Looking at the final sketch, I hav to admit, that they are not too odd at all ;-)

Although I feel, that that's the way I want to go!

It was also really interesting for me, to see the workflow of an artist. But drawing all the parts of my figures with the path-tool, took me the most time. Thinking of the different "toppings" was the most fun.

So I have to go through some of your other classes I think.

By then, kind regards,

MargitThe Lindy Hops - image 1 - student project

The Lindy Hops - image 2 - student project

The Lindy Hops - image 3 - student project