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Myles Cavanaugh

artist/oil painter



The Life of a Painting

I really suffered through this video but ultimately had a great time doing it, I'm already looking forward to the next one. I think with a few more attempts I could put together something "professional"

One of the highlights of working on this project was working with retired documenory film maker Bill Jersey,  we traded some help with his website for a short interview and film shoot. 

He filmed the interview inside the studio and a lot outside that I didn't use becase the wind and bad weather we had didn't look or sound good. We had a lot of good conversational interview but very little I could isolate myself giving a complete answer. I really need to give a better interview. But thats all stuff I can keep in mind for the next time. 

Link to project.

I want to create a video self portrait and give a glimpse into how I paint. I thought of having the video follow me through the process of creating a painting on location, including audio and video interview and music. I would like to keep the length to under 3 minutes and the interview brief.


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