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The Life of Jerrica Kristine

My life is the life of an up and coming graphic designer. I am mostly self-taught, and always eager and hungry to learn more. I use every resource that is available to me and research all the information I can get. I am also a student, because I believe that an education is a very valuable thing. And to support myself I work two jobs in addition to working on freelance graphic design projects, as well as my own personal projects. 

My life is a humble life and an ordinary life, but it is unique and exclusive to me. Everybody has a life, and you have to make it your own. Take advantage of it, and make the most out of it, because you only get one.

Step one: Chronilogically list the 20 most defining parts of your day.
1. Wake up
2. Smoke a cigarette
3. Drink coffee/tea
4. Check email/social networks
5. Search for inspiration
6. Work on website/blog
7. Daily hand-lettering project
8. Journal/write
9. Draw/paint/other personal projects
10. Shower
11. Get ready (hair, makeup, brush teeth, etc)
12. Go to class
13. Serve tables
14. Study/do homework
15. Clean/Organize
16. Get ready for bed (PJ's, brush teeth, (etc.)
17. Read
18. Smoke a joint
19. Watch TV
20. Fall asleep

*List does not exactly match that in the picture


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