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The Life Enthusiastic: Beginning Brush Lettering

I like to start at step three. I like to imagine I am better than I am, then get disappointed when it turns out I am not. I like beginnings. I don't like middles, when the excitement has petered out and you're left with the work you have to do to get to where you want. 

But I'm learning: learning not to skip steps because every step matters. It's how we build discipline and muscle memory and good habits. It's not the fun part (for me), but it's part of the process. And, if we want to enjoy the outcome, we have to respect the process. 

So here are my drills for day one. Practice makes progress, right?


See you for day two!

Day Two

Taking a skillshare class with a preschooler at home is a challenge, mainly because it is easy to use their existence (yes, their mere existence) as an excuse for not doing the work. She had opened a new stamping set so I thought she'd be thoroughly involved in that, but then she saw my pen. I had chosen the brown one (not the pink) to avoid this very conflict, but still I heard a little voice pipe up, "Oh, but Mommy, brown is my FAAAAVORITE!" Uh, since like two seconds ago, maybe.

But I did the work and sacrificed an old watercoloring set in the barter. And then, when she took her nap, I did the work again. Twice, for good measure.


Will I be able to watch the videos before she wakes up? No promises. But I'll try tomorrow.


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