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The Legend of Little Frog


Step 1. Selecting Your Text

I chose to adapt The Origin of Tularecito in Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven because the story was incredibly vivid, and though quite dark, its gentle absurdity appealed to me - it is such a fertile option for development that it's no wonder it proved a popular choice in this class.

Step 2. Drafting Your Screenplay

I wrote a treatment for The Legend of Little Frog, as I call it, which ran too long at 8 pages, so I wrote a draft with a view to cutting a lot of story. As I went through the process of re-drafting, I knew that the tale I wanted to tell was quite funny, so I made humorous dialogue that simultaneously advanced the plot a priority. And to help keep things lean, I reminded myself to approach it like it was a (modern) fairy tale - which are typically very sparse, plot-wise. With that in mind, I continually re-worked details to clear messy or unnecessary elements.

Finally, I knew that I wanted to end ambiguously, unlike the original story. So in my adaptation, the end revelation is as hopeful or as sad as you want it to be.


Step 3. Writing Your Logline.

The tall tale of a little boy who didn't fit in.


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