The Legacy Project

I've been rapping for about a decade and am pretty dope.  Earlier this year, I released the project, "Such Is Life", that artistically assured me that all my work was for a reason.  Although many benefits came from the album, it still fell short of other expectations as we had issues in the 3 areas I consider necessities:  Content, Team, & Plan.

As a result of a recent sabatical and 2 trips to Africa (The Gambia, Mauritius, & Seychelles) to teach hip-hop culture, create, and perform; I decided that my art now spans far past just the craft of emceeing and I want to better align everything for what I consider is my purpose to make my "dent in the universe".  As a result, I'm working on a 4-5 year project called "The Legacy Project" which is to be a multi-media narrative of sorts, broken into phases for growth and consumption.

Although not amazing, I have a solid following through various social networks, but now am needing to unify and engage them more.  I would like the primary hub to be my website,, but know other mechanisms are also important.  I've followed (and have been impressed) by Macklemore for some time and am aiming for this class to give me solid insight and mechanisms for buidling and maintaining a community as well as learning from the others in the class.


Age:  25-35

Location:  Southern region

Hobbies:  Non-club social events

Favotire Music:  Hip-hop/Soul/R&B

Favorite Big Piph song(s):  "5 Dollas" & "Untouchable"

The Appeal of Big Piph: Dominant, yet relatable persona / charasmatic

The Appeal of Big Piph's Music: Layered, yet entertaining, southern lyrical hip-hop


Legacy Performer:  Jay-Z

Major:  T.I.

Indie Musician:  Currency  (Even more so Big KRIT OR J Cole even though they've had major label releases) // 

Emerging Act:  Dee-1 OR Tito Lopez (even though signed to Capitol)

DIY:  Big Piph

Hobbyist:  Duke Stigall


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