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The Leeks Family

Leeks Family History

Digging into the history of the Leeks surname, I uncovered quite a bit of information. I was able to uncover some details for inspiration which stretched right back to the days of the Old Norse. From there, I learned about the name's history as ‘Leake’, based in the North of England, coming through to the present day with Leeks all over the UK, America and the World, but most of my close family in the English county of Suffolk.

‘Seller of Leeks’

I had always understood the name to mean ‘seller of leeks’, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wrap a couple of leeks up the side with a nod to Aaron’s laurel.


My research told me that the name may have its roots in the Old Norse word ‘loekr’, meaning brook. I had to get such a cool word in there somewhere, just above a little babbling water.


There was some conflicting information on any exisiting crests for the Leeks family, probably because there have been various branches over many hundreds of years. I wanted to pick out a couple of these heraldic elements, though, so included the saltire (cross) on the shield, and also the nine annulets (rings) on the left.


Suffolk is an important county for the Leeks family, with a lot of my Leeks relatives originating or currently living there. I included it in a few ways:

• The bow and arrows are a nod to the death of the martyr St Edmund, who gave his name to Bury St Edmunds where I have relatives.

• The horse represents a classic Suffolk Punch, cornerstone of an arable farming county.

• ‘Never On The Huh’ is a twist on the Suffolk slang ‘on the huh’, which means to be uneven or unbalanced. This is also a very loose nod to one of the Leeks mottos I dug up – ‘pari animo’ – which means ‘equal spirit’.

The Full Crest

Combining all of the above, I had my crest:


I wanted to try a couple of colour options, too. The yellow/gold is common to both and is taken from the colours of the historic Leeks creast.

First, with the vegetable in mind, I tried out some green:

Next, with the red of the historical crest in mind:


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